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Welcome to the new online home of Rickey Minor, Music Director, Composer, Producer and now Author! The site will be growing in the coming weeks. Please subscribe to the blog and enjoy the holidays.

Until then, here’s more about Rickey Minor’s new book, There’s No Traffic on the Extra Mile:

The ultimate American Idol insider reveals what it takes to achieve your dreams, recalling his journey from South Central to center stage.

As a highly successful musician and producer, Rickey has worked with some of the world’s most celebrated performers. He knows firsthand that there are reasons why some people succeed, while others fail despite their talent. As American Idol’s music director, Rickey Minor helps contestants reach for their dreams week after week. He’s seen it all behind the scenes at the wildly popular show.

In There’s No Traffic on the Extra Mile, Minor spins stories from his life in the music business into inspirational gold, imparting the lessons he has learned the hard way, including:

  • Always give people more than they were expecting. But remember that you can’t please everyone all the time.
  • Look for mentors. Minor recounts how Quincy Jones became his.
  • Every action moves you either closer or farther away from your aspiration—and how to tell the difference.
  • If you can’t get what you want, it might be because you’re not ready yet. When the time comes, you’ll know.

He also provides behind-the-scenes anecdotes about Idol contests, and the keys to their success. He sees the show as a condensed version of life itself. The setbacks the performers face, and their triumphs, mirror our own. But his bottom line, no matter what your field of endeavor, is this: If you drive hard enough, sooner or later you will be the only one left on the road.


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  1. 1 Earl Alexander

    Hey Rickey, just dropped by to say hello and Happy New Year. Wow, the photo of you standing against the fence holding your bass and the giant fro gave me a smile. It reminds me of an innocent time when we all began to see our possibility and charged ahead with a child like enthusiasm. Thank you.

    God bless,

  2. 2 Brenda Nelson, "The Talk of the Town"

    Rickey, I really enjoyed our visit today and all the time you gave me for the interview. I wanted you to know that it is slated to air on the opening day of “Idol”, Tuesday, Jan 12. Once the show airs, it will remain on the website for another week, so you can hear/download it at: http://www.ktlo.com/“Talk of the Town”/”Listen to…”/”Tuesday”. It was my pleasure to speak with you and my honor to have your name on my list of guests, many of whom you’ll recognize! Blessings–brenda

  3. 3 Wayne Kelly

    Hey Rickey, Thank you so much for the great interview today! You are really a terrific guy! I could have talked to you for hours….I want to wish you all the best with your book and your career! My listeners LOVE you!
    All the best, and I hope you’ll return to the Wayne And Jayne show in the future!
    Thanks again!
    Wayne Kelly

  4. 4 Ruth Ann Galatas & Rick Sands

    Rickey’s book signing at B/N was truly a life enhancing experience. How many signings end with sublime live music? More importantly was the outpouring of loving feelings from Rickey’s colleagues and family (in our case chatting with one of Rickey’s siblings and hearing enormous devotion towards a man who has lived a life – “well lived”).

    Rickey’s mission of “giving back” – “going the extra yard” – has touched innumerable lives.

    With sincere appreciation for a magical evening,

    Ruth Ann Galatas & Rick Sands

  5. 5 Ruth Ann Galatas & Rick Sands

    P.S. Instead of “extra yard” – we should have said “he goes the extra mile!”

  6. 6 kevin carter

    hi brother..i just love your book,and it was such a joy 2 c u…kevin carter

  7. 7 Diane Martin

    Hey stranger congratulations on your new book!! Saw the blurb in Ebony and am very impressed. Things in Detroit are well since I returned. Continued success.
    Diane (Formerly deP)

  8. 8 Eric

    Mr. Minor,

    I just read your whole book in two days and must say that you became my mentor through your experience. When and where will there be another book signing?

  9. 9 Tanya Flentroy-Parker

    Hi Rick,

    I am very proud of you. You have come a long way and only God knows how far you will go. You and the family are always in my prayers. The family here in Michigan is doing fine. Like to here from you sometimes. Love and miss you guys.

    Your little sis.


    Hey, Rickey! It’s always a pleasure to listen to you. You bring me straight up joy. Thanks for being true to the music. I’m going to get your book too shortly. Stay blessed.

  11. 11 Michele


    It was truly a pleasure to meet you in person today! You are a beautiful person inside and out! I am excited to get your book and have the messages become even more special now that we have met!! Enjoy your journey on the road of life! You know I am!!

    Zestfully yours,

    Michele in Tampa

  12. 12 Peg David

    Jennifer Hudson was awesome at the Super Bowl game and you were mentioned in the story on AOL !!! Congratulations to both of you and especially to Jennifer for what she has been through!!! She is loved by all of us who chose her as our “1″ Idol !!!

    Peg David
    Lake Forest, Ca

  13. 13 Doug Mattox

    Would you please tell your brother his arrangement of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl was the best ever. It had DIGNITY AND MAGESTY and so did Jennifer Hudson’s interpretation. Wish I could email him directly. I’m a musician.

    thanks for relaying.

    Doug Mattox

  14. 14 Lawrence Lovingood

    Hey Mr. Minor
    We met lastnight at the Image Awards (the security guard lol) thank you so much for the words of inspiration and for the book I haven’t put it down yet I learn something new every page I read. I really appriciate you take time out of your busy night to speak with me that means a whole lot and im gonna put your words to work in my life. Hopefully we can do some work together in the future. God bless .

    Email: lovingood07@tmail.com
    Cell: 310-359-2533

  15. 15 Darryl McEachin

    I received your book yesterday and I can’t put it down! Being a keyboardist in the United States Air Force Band, musical director, and arranger, I’ve found so much useful information in the book. It’s amazing though, that it’s immediately applicable to not only my musical endeavors but my life as well. I personally relate to so many of the points you’ve made (I’m sure you hear that a lot) and it’s great to see that it a normal part of the journey. I’ve always admired you Sir, but now that admiration is magnified exponentially!! Thanks for sharing your insight and I hope to meet you someday.

    Darryl McEachin
    Warner Robins, Georgia

  16. 16 evita pierce

    Whoa!! I just finished reading your book. Many years ago I set out to re-invent myself personally and professionally. I did not have role models or readily mentors available to assist my navigation. Through Jesus, trial and error, and, BOOKS … these were my coaches & mentors’ who have guided me on paths of self-discovery. And, some came along to lift me up after the unseen land minds of life happen.

    But I always longed for that Big Brother/Uncle … Father fiqure who made me feel like they had an vested interest in my success. Rickey, you are that special person. WOW!! So timely is your book for those who have been waiting in expectancy for that validation of voice to the unspoken “issues” that are self-sabotagers – whom we must all learn to recongize & conqueror!!

    Notable Jewels of Wisdom I will forever remember:
    * You’re Not Losing you’re Learning
    * Give More Than Is Expected: Being a Perfectionist, I now am ok with “checking it twice, thrice, etc., until I know it is Perfected to my best humanly possible effort.
    * Perserverance! Perseverance!! Perseverance!!! Remember why you are doing what you are doing!
    * I Don’t Have to Compromise to Make Someone Else Comfortable!!!
    * Know when to shut down and regroup!

    There are many more – But these came to mind. THANK YOU big brother, I knew you would appear when our Lord knew I was READY to RECEIVE!!!
    You define … “Blessed to BE Blessing!” It is my aspiration to carry the torch you have passed to me that our Lord will be proud. Truly He is glorified through this good work you have produced!!!

    Blessings Always,
    Your Sister Evita

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